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DUI Defense Attorney Provo Utah

Whether the charge is a first time DUI or involves reckless homicide, Petro & Associates, a Provo Utah DUI defense lawyer, is well-versed in protecting and defending your rights. Anyone stopped with a blood alcohol content level BAC of .08% or more runs the risk of serious consequences should a conviction occur. DUI penalties can be quite severe, resulting in possible jail time, harsh fines, and license suspension. While many simply accept a guilty verdict and are convicted, this can lead to long term negative effects in your life, such as higher insurance rates, difficulty finding certain types of employment, and even in obtaining loans.

Regardless of whether this is your first time DUI or multiple DUI, you will greatly benefit from the help of a Provo Utah DUI lawyer. A strong DUI defense can help you avoid harsh DUI sentencing and the penalties that will follow. With a skilled attorney by your side, you can hope for a positive outcome with your DUI trial. A felony DUI charge is taken very seriously in the state of Utah and will likely result in enhanced penalties. A felony DUI may be given when a DUI with injury occurs or when a DUI results in a reckless homicide. A DUI lawyer may be able to prove that your DUI charge was actually the result of an unlawful police stop or because of a faulty field sobriety test. Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced legal mind at our firm to further investigate your breath & blood tests. The state of Utah is very specific about the procedures for administering these tests, and we know about the ways that these tests can be challenged to prove that your drunk driving charge was inaccurate.

DUI Lawyer in Utah County

There are many defenses that Petro & Associates can provide when taking on a DUI case. From the arrest all the way to trial, there are issues to be carefully addressed that can lead to a strong defense. An officer must have probable cause to pull someone over in the first place, and if it can be shown that this was not performed by the book, it could lead to a dismissal of the case. Inaccurate field sobriety checks being done or a breath test performed incorrectly can open the door to challenging evidence. It is the duty of one’s DUI defense attorney to seek and find all possible areas to dispute when mounting a compelling defense. He is committed to fully representing your interests from the beginning of your case through to the end, attempting to obtain a reduction of charges or a dismissal whenever possible. Should your case go to trial, exoneration of your charges is his goal. Contact his office for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Contact a Provo Utah DUI lawyer to get the caring and skilled legal representation you need to fight your DUI charges.