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People pay their insurance premiums not because they like to, but because they need the peace of mind of knowing that if the unthinkable happens, at least the insurance company will take care of them. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies are at their worst when you need them the most.

If you’re making an insurance claim, you’re already having a bad day. The last thing you need is for an insurance company to make it worse by low-balling you, giving your the runaround, or worse, denying your claim altogether. They get paid to do one thing, so you expect them to do it when the time comes. But often times they don’t, and the consequences to you can be catastrophic. You may be left without a place to live, with ruined credit, or exposed to liability to someone else.

They know more about insurance law than you do. You are not on a level playing field.

It’s time for you to level it.

We have decades of experience battling with insurance companies. They know us. We have litigated insurance cases in district courts all across the state and in the Utah Supreme Court. Our lawyers know the law and can help.

If you are feeling pushed around, contact us for a no-obligation, free consult today.